We Move...

When ropeways become a passion

Emotional stories about mobility

LEITNER is blazing a new trail in storytelling with the five-part short-film series "We move...". We will focus on our employees and customers as well as people who share their personal stories with LEITNER. Through this change in perspective, the films portray the emotional side of LEITNER’ projects, underscoring that ropeways are far more than just technology. After all, ropeways can become a formative element in one's own life and professional world. They are also often associated with childhood memories and even facilitate the daily journeys of many people. In other words, ropeways move people: locally, but also emotionally.

“We move..." also provides insight into the entrepreneurial activities of the ropeway manufacturer on a daily basis, as ideas become projects and ropeway systems take on far greater significance. These first four exclusive glimpses will provide our audience with a different perspective overall.



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