Keeping in step with the state-of-the-art

Keeping in step with the state-of-the-art

Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide training courses at our manufacturing site in Sterzing or directly at your installation. Additional intensive training can also be arranged. Your advantages:

  •     Continuous employee training enhances your installation’s safety and preserves its value
  •     With our training courses, your employees will keep in step with the state-of-the-art
  •     Meeting operators of other LEITNER installations allows for an exchange of experiences and thus increases your familiarity with our systems
  •     The training courses can be adjusted to your individual requirements and address the relevant issues for your installation
  • Information on course content and possible course fees can be obtained at


Even if the ropeways are not running, maintenance is not waiting! Keep your installations ready for the restart.
We have worked on the training program for spring 2021 and are happy to announce you the following webinars.
Participants will receive a confirmation of their participation in the webinars. 

Course programme 2021

Course Course type Date Time Language Deadline
Keep it moving for a prompt restart! – spunti utili durante un fermo impianto prolungato. Una chiacchierata con i nostri esperti su come affrontare la manutenzione in seguito alla mancata stagione invernale. Webinar 16.04.2021 ore 09.00 – ore 10.00 IT 13.04.2021     
Keep it moving for a prompt restart! – Nützliche Tipps bei längerem Anlagenstillstand. Austausch mit unseren Experten über die Wartung nach fehlender Wintersaison. Webinar 16.04.2021 11:00 Uhr -12:00 Uhr DE 13.04.2021  
Keep it moving for a prompt restart! – useful tips during a prolonged shut down. An overview with our experts on the maintenance activities after the missed winter season. Webinar 16.04.2021 2 pm – 3 pm CET EN 13.04.2021
Ispezioni annuali – procedure ed adempimenti per le installazioni idrauliche. Prove e verifiche d’apertura al servizio – come verificare le installazioni idrauliche dei vostri impianti LEITNER. Webinar HM 10.05.2021 ore 09.00 – ore 10.00 IT 05.05.2021
Jährliche Inspektionen – Verfahren und Anforderungen für Hydraulik-Anlagen. Eröffnungstests und Inspektionen – so überprüfen Sie die Hydraulikanlagen Ihrer LEITNER  Seilbahn fachgerecht.   Webinar HM 10.05.2021 11:00 Uhr – 12:00 Uhr DE 05.05.2021
Yearly inspections – procedures and requirements for hydraulic units. Operational commissioning – how to test hydraulic units of your LEITNER installations. Webinar HM 10.05.2021 2 pm – 3 pm CET EN 05.05.2021
Esperienza SCADA – aspetti per l’operatività e la manutenzione. La gestione dell’impianto tramite la visualizzazione – modalità manuale e manutenzione. Webinar EL 12.05.2021 ore 09.00 – ore 10.00 IT 07.05.2021
SCADA – Aspekte für Betrieb und Wartung. Betreiben der Anlage mittels Visualisierung – manueller Betrieb und Wartung. Webinar EL 12.05.2021 11:00 Uhr – 12:00 Uhr DE 07.05.2021
SCADA experience – operational & maintenance features. Operative visualization procedures – manual and maintenance modality.   Webinar EL 12.05.2021 2 pm – 3 pm CET EN 07.05.2021



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