Our contribution to e-mobility

Our contribution to e-mobility
Our contribution to e-mobility
Our contribution to e-mobility

Enjoy zero-emissions e-mobility with LEITNER‘s innovative, versatile and cutting-edge ropeway solutions.

Imagine stepping into a cabin and moving above the urban chaos without the hustle. You simply leave the traffic problems, blocked roads and noise behind and experience your daily trips in a whole new way. 

Ropeways are a public transportation system that is taken seriously by environmentally conscious cities. For urban environments, the features of a ropeway are very interesting, they do not need much space, can cross over any obstacle and can also save time. Furthermore, there are no conflicts with other traffic users and just one engine is sufficient to move several vehicles. Ropeways are very useful when it comes to connecting sensitive recreational zones in urban areas. They only touch the ground in a few places and have very little impact on the environment.

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Ropeways in urban transport

Advantages of ropeways in cities

Features of ropeways of interest to cities

Uniform travel times and continuous transportation

Consistent travel times and continuous transportation

The exclusive route of an aerial ropeway guarantees uniform travel times, because the ropeway is not delayed by traffic on the roads. Passengers are transported continuously - without timetable or waiting times.

Barrierefreier Ein- und Ausstieg

Barrier-free entry and exit

Cable Aereo Manizales Colombia

All cabins have level-walk-in access. The speed at which the cabins pass through the stations is very low and allows easy entry and exit. With the stop-and-go technology, the cabins can even be completely stopped momentarily. Bicycles and baby strollers can be carried in all cabins.

Small capital investment and operating costs

Ngong Ping 360 Hong Kong

Compared to other transport systems, ropeways have relatively low investment and operating costs. The cost of a ropeway is about half that of a tramway system and about 1/10th of that of a metro.

Short construction times

Tower during assembly

After placing the order, ropeways can be built within a very short time. This is made possible by modular construction.

Coping with steeper track gradients

Ropeways can cope with greater inclines than any other vehicle and can be adapted to any terrain.

Barrierefreier Ein- und Ausstieg


Gaziantep Turkey

Compared with other means of transport: Accident survey by the Federal Statistical Office

Wiesbaden of 2011 (period 5 years - based on passenger kilometres travelled):
aircraft 1 accident per 113 million km
ropeways 1 accident per 17.1 million km
cars 1 accident per 1.46 million km
railway 1 accident per 1.31 million km
bus 1 accident per 616.000 km
tram 1 accident per 225.000 km

In relation to overall passenger carryings, ropeways are the safest form of transport.

Overcoming obstacles

Tbilisi ropeway Georgia

Suspended in the air, ropeways can cross obstacles of any kind.

Central drive unit & positive energy balance

Ropeways operate environmentally friendly with electricity. Energy consumption can be adjusted to the number of passengers. One central drive unit in a station is sufficient to move a large number of vehicles.



Innsbruck Hungerburgbahn Station

The architecture of ropeway stations can be developed freely and influence the type of construction and colouring of the towers and appearance of the cabins.

Little space requirement

Even at the construction stage, ropeways create advantages which can be extremely important in densely built-up urban areas. Towers and stations take up relatively little space and the ropeways fit perfectly into the cityscape.

Unique view

Incredible view

Passengers can enjoy a great view during a trip on an aerial tramway.

Exclusive track

Cambulos Villa Maria Manizales

There can be no collision with other road users, because the “track” is exclusively used by the ropeway.

Advantages of urban ropeways

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