"When we were kids, we floated high above the rooftops of Sarajevo with the ropeway."

Zehra Druskić from Sarajevo (BA) provides us with an insight into her childhood memories

A gondola lift steeped in history

On April 6, 2018, Sarajevo celebrated the return of a local landmark. In welcoming a new ropeway, the city left behind one of the darkest chapters in its history and simultaneously revitalized its local mountain. The construction of the new ropeway was particularly important for the residents of Sarajevo: one of the city's most significant symbols, which was destroyed in the Bosnian War, was brought back to life. For Zehra, the new ropeway has additional meaning, because it once again comfortably transports her and her family up to the popular local mountain, the Trebević, just like when she was young. In the third video of our storytelling series "We move...,” she reminisces about her childhood and describes her personal feelings during an emotional ropeway journey steeped in history.


Zehra Druskic photo

"Since the return of the ropeway, I once again experience emotions similar to when I was a child."

- Zehra Druskić, Employee of the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo (BA)

Closely connected to her hometown

Zehra Druskic Sarajevo Bosnia

Zehra Druskić was born in Sarajevo and has never left her hometown. She completed her education in Sarajevo and studied at Department of Philosophy. During her teenage years, she survived the difficult years of war and learned many important life lessons. Despite these experiences, she never left her home and now lives happily with her husband and two children in Sarajevo. Zehra has worked for the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo since 1997.

For Zehra, the Bosnian capital is something very special. It is surrounded by hills and mountains, which serve as popular recreational areas for the inhabitants of the city.

The city’s best suited local mountain for an excursion is the Trebević. As a child, Zehra ascended this mountain with the old gondola lift built in 1959. During the Olympic Games in 1984, the ropeway achieved international renown. Located in the immediate vicinity of the bobsleigh run, it provided excellent views of all the sporting action. During the fighting between 1992 and 1995, the facility was destroyed, spelling the end of carefree excursions to the Trebević mountain.

Today, Zehra can enjoy journeys with the new ropeway and look out over her city again: "There comes a moment in life when you have to decide whether you want to stay in your home country or whether you want to leave. When I look around here and look at the city, I know that I have made the right decision."

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