“I am quite honored to have this task”

E-technician Thomas Gschnitzer opens up about his career highlight thus far at the Klein Matterhorn mountain

E-technician Thomas Gschnitzer provides insights into his daily work

How does it feel to be involved in the construction of the world's highest 3S gondola lift at the Klein Matterhorn? Thomas Gschnitzer, electrical engineer at LEITNER, answers this question in the first part of the "We move...” video series. "At the close of such a project, it gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction and achievement to watch people traveling on the ropeway,” says Gschnitzer, who counts the 2018 commissioning of the 3S gondola lift "Matterhorn glacier ride" at the Klein Matterhorn as one of the highlights of his career to date.



Thomas Gschnitzer

"After the completion of an elaborate project, the astonished and grateful gestures of the ropeway operators are ample reward for all one’s efforts."

- Thomas Gschnitzer, 34, e-technician at LEITNER

Ambition, determination & ability to work in a team

Thomas Gschnitzer LeitControl

As trained electrical and computer technician, Gschnitzer has been working for LEITNER for 15 years. His career began with the production of switch cabinets, e.g. their cabling. Next, after specializing in the areas of programming and commissioning of complex systems, he took over both the 3S Eisgratbahn at the Stubai Glacier and the Matterhorn glacier ride at the Klein Matterhorn.

According to Gschnitzer, the most significant challenges in his job are the enormous responsibility, the implementation of complicated automations, as well as the pressure to adhere to a punctual schedule for project completion. “In my job role, you have to be ambitious and posses social skills, determination, team spirit as well as the ability to cope with stress,” says Gschnitzer.

Gschnitzer, an unmistakably passionate ropeway technician, describes the commissioning of the 3S gondola lift at the Klein Matterhorn as the highlight of his career thus far. His job is particularly varied, a fact which is underscored by the different locations where he works. For instance, after working last year at the glacier in Zermatt at an altitude of just under 3,000 m, he is currently working on an existing gondola lift in Barcelona, directly on the Spanish coast. Originally from Vipiteno, such opportunities allow Gschnitzer to get to know new and different countries.

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