Cable-drawn urban rail transportation systems

MiniMetros are a rail-based, fully automated means of transport. As funiculars or inclined elevators they cover short routes with bends and considerable differences in altitude, rolling on steel wheels, pneumatic tires, or gliding on air cushions.


MiniMetros can be used in small and medium-sized towns as the main transport system, as well as providing effective connections between airport terminals. Highly popular destinations, such as shopping centers, universities or metro stations are simply and easily linked to car parks or the outskirts using this means of transport.


With a capacity of up to 8,000 persons/hour, MiniMetros fit the gap between busses (3,500) and trams (10,000), while surpassing both in punctuality, reliability and availability; especially those that share their routes with other traffic participants.

The system offers outstanding flexibility for integration within the urban infrastructure.

Nevertheless , there is no “best“ urban transport system – only the best for the individual application defined by capacity needs, terrain and said urban environment.

Transport capacity
up to 8000 persons/hr.
up to 3-4 km/section
up to 30 km/h
Maximum inclination
15 %
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Your contact for MiniMetro: 

Reference project

MiniMetro PisaMover

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MiniMetro - cable-drawn rail transportation systems

MiniMetro® in use

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