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Innovative and sustainable solutions for material transportation

Material ropeways are the perfect solution for the transport of material and heavy equipment in challenging conditions, such as “flying” over valleys, rivers, wetlands or preserved areas. Thereby it is possible to create a direct connection between the loading and unloading point. Heavy equipment, machines or concrete to built dams can be transported more easily.

Material ropeways are fully automated, highly reliable, safe, ecofriendly, with low operating costs and a very long operation lifetime. They offer high material transportation capacity, continuous or in batch, over long distances. New roads or other infrastructure, which would be necessary for heavy goods vehicles,  are not needed anymore.

In July 2015 Agudio, a well-established and worldwide successful constructor of material ropeway systems, has been integrated into LEITNER. Thanks to this fusion, LEITNER is expanding its application areas winter sports, tourism and urban passenger transportation with the area material. Under the Agudio brand, LEITNER is able to offer a wide range of products: FlyingBelt, CableCrane, MaterialRopeway and other customized material transportation systems on ropes.


Advantages of Material ropeways

Low energy consumption

Material ropeways are rope hauled systems able to transport material over long distances using electric motors. The energy consumption or generation level depends on the profile (up-hill or down-hill transportation) and on the typology (mono or bi-directional), but it is always lower if compared with traditional transportation systems on roads. In case of down-hill transportation it is even possible to generate electricity instead of consuming it.

High level of innovation

Each material ropeway is the result of experience achieved in the specific sectors and the investment in R&D done in order to make available new concepts for material transportation.

Low CO2 emissions

Material ropeways are not generating CO2 emission directly, the systems are operated with high efficiency electric motors and therefore the calculation of CO2 emission level is always significantly lower than transportation systems using fossil fuel, with a saving that can be up to 95%.

Low operation cost

The costs to operate a material ropeway are low thanks to the reduced energy requirements and the reduced number of people required to supervise the operation of the system which is fully automated.

Low maintenance cost

Maintenance costs of a material ropeway designed by Agudio are reduced thanks to the use of highly reliable components and maintenance plans that can be executed by customer maintenance staff.

High level of automation

Material ropeways are designed with a high level of automation, supervising and controlling the correct functioning of the system and synchronizing loading and unloading operation with the speed of the system.

Long lifetime of the installation

Material ropeways are designed following state-of-the-art guidelines and the experience achieved by Agudio in more than 150 years. These systems can easily reach a lifetime of 40+ years and even longer with the correct maintenance planning.

Safe and reliable installation

Thanks to the high level of automation and the high quality of the components, material ropeways are able to offer to the operators a very high level of safety as well as high level of reliability.

High level of availability

Thanks to the quality of the design and the components used in Agudio material ropeways, these systems are able to reach very high level of availability minimizing the transportation cost.

Reduced dust dispersion

Material ropeways can be designed with specific dust containment solutions to minimize dust dispersion during loading and unloading operation as well as during transportation of the material along the line.

Operation not affected by weather conditions

The develoment of material ropeways is also influenced by experiences in the construction of passenger transportation systems in the mountains. Therefore, the systems for material transportation can be operated independently from the weather conditions.

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