Take a look behind the scenes of the GD10 Hoadlbahn I+II

Backstage at the GD10 Hoadlbahn I+II

In Axamer Lizum, a new gondola lift was built over two sections at the former Olympic venue near Innsbruck in 2022. The comprehensive modernisation carried out there is all about improving comfort and sustainability. The new "Hoadlbahn", whose mountain station was built next to the existing Hoadlhaus, replaces three old ropeways in the area. These include the two fixed-grip 2-seater chairlifts "Hoadl I" and "Hoadl II" as well as the DC4 "Schönbodenbahn". With the 75 spacious Dimond EVO cabins, the new installation transports guests from the parking lot to the highest point in the ski area in just 6 minutes, during which they can marvel at the 360° panorama of the surrounding mountains and the Inn Valley. The LEITNER DirectDrive makes a further contribution to greater sustainability and leads to lower maintenance requirements and maximum noise reduction.

"The topic of accessibility has been perfectly achieved with the new 10-seater gondola lift."

- Frießer Werner, Managing Director Axamer Lizum
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Tanzer Michael, Head of Sales Austria/Germany, describes the special features of the new Hoadlbahn:

"The lift is divided into two sections, of which section 1 can be operated completely independently of section 2 if required - for example in bad weather.

The modern 10-passenger monocable gondola lift replaces three older installations and impresses with an astonishing transport capacity of 2,800 passengers per hour and direction.

Comfort has also been significantly improved. Thanks to the new installation, passengers can now travel from the valley station to the mountain station at Hoadlhaus without having to change lifts, guaranteeing a unique ride experience."

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For Frießer Werner, Managing Director Axamer Lizum, these are the three main reasons for the construction of a gondola lift in the Axamer Lizum:

1. The high capacity utilisation during the summer months requires passenger transport by means of a closed vehicle. 

2. In view of the often harsh weather and the altitude, it can be very cold during winter. The closed cabin offers passengers protection from the elements and thus ensures a comfortable travelling experience.

3. Another crucial aspect is accessibility. The gondola lift enables all passengers, regardless of their individual needs and limitations, to enjoy the beauty of the Axamer Lizum.

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The foundation of comfort for passengers and staff explained by Tanzer Michael:

"The Diamond EVO premium cabin stands for maximum travelling comfort. A decisive factor for the exceptional level of comfort lies in the optimised and perfectly coordinated geometry between the grip and rollers as well as the various damping elements. This special harmony enables an unrivalled ride experience in which passengers float gently and almost weightlessly through the air.

A fully automatic loop station for the 79 vehicles was built in the middle station area of the Hoadlbahn. The emptying and loading of the line can take place at a speed of 4.5 metres per second. This saves time for employees in the morning and evening."


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