LEITNER Bike-Transport

for gondola lifts

Safe transport without loss of conveying power

Simplest assembly and safe transport without loss of conveying power: The new LEITNER bike transport for gondolas offers space for two bikes of any size and can be mounted effortlessly on all types of gondolas. Loading and unloading is easily handled by the passenger himself. Thanks to the retractable holder, the gondolas can be garaged as usual.

The CE-certified aluminum structure enables up to 2 bikes to be transported per vehicle. The gondola can be loaded up very quickly and easily, so passengers can carry out this step themselves. The same is true for unloading bikes on arrival at the top station. The gondola and bikes are very well protected against dirt during mountain transport, as there is no direct contact between the two objects.

This innovative extension kit enables bikes of all types and sizes to be transported.

Further information

The CE-certified aluminum structure can be mounted quickly and easily. Passengers can lift the bike onto the bike rack without having to exert themselves.

Gondola with up to 2 bike racks

Retrofit options:
The extension kit can be installed on every gondola.

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