The advantages of the LEITNER 2S-System

The best of two worlds

Setting new standards

LEITNER is setting new standards by comprehensively re-developing bi-cable technology. The exclusive innovations form a symbiosis between 1S and 3S technology, thereby combining the best of both worlds. The system benefits are particularly reflected in lower noise levels, fewer maintenance requirements and a longer service life.

New stations

An additional result of the symbiosis between the tried-and-tested 1S and 3S technology is the station design. In future, these will be tilted by three degrees to best use the downhill force. As a consequence, less energy is required when accelerating and decelerating the chairs and cabins. The stations can therefore be designed to be more compact and space-saving.

Extended existing strenghts

Based on monocable lift technology that has been tried-and-tested for many years, LEITNER has integrated the acceleration and deceleration mechanisms, hauling rope deflection, and drive and deflection units into the new 2S technology.

Hauling rope rollers with elasticated springs

The hauling rope rollers with elasticated springs is a further development. In operation, they result in a significant reduction in vibrations and are therefore markedly quieter. 

Even the carrying rope guides on the towers are now made from plastic and therefore no longer need to be lubricated.

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