The 3S carriage of LEITNER

Cutting-edge manufacturing techniques

Production techniques similar to those found in the aircraft industry

Manufacturing technologies and precision components like those in the aircraft industry are the hallmark of the high technical standards of the new LEITNER 3S carriage. Numerous safety welds can be eliminated since most parts are milled from solid pieces. The design offers significantly more stability with less weight.

Integrated lateral damping system

Increased wind resistance and greater ride comfort

There are also significant improvements when it comes to ride comfort: The ride is quieter thanks to the lateral damping system integrated into the carriage. In addition, the damping system provides greater wind resistance and eliminates the swaying effect.

Additional rollers

Greater flexibility and compact station design

In the station and garaging areas, the cabin runs on additional rollers that can travel along the smallest curve radii. Stations can thus be much more compact in design, which brings direct cost benefits.

Vehicle detector

For greater safety and availability

The vehicle detector is built directly into the carriage and indicates possible roller defects. The resulting shutdown on the track is identified immediately. In this way, the operator is notified of the exact position of the vehicle whose track rollers need to be inspected. The affected vehicle can now be safely transported to the end station.

Roller generator

Energy supply for the cabin

An interesting aspect of the ecological concept of the system is the roller generator, which can recover up to 500 watts of electrical energy. It is integrated in the rollers of the carriage and contributes to the energy supply for the cabin.

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