TD35 Ritten / Renon
The first 3S gondola lift in Italy

TD35 Ritten / Renon

In just 12 minutes, passengers float up from the center of Bolzano to the Ritten/Renon, and some of the loveliest views from the mountains surrounding the provincial capital. The new 4.5 kilometer gondola lift was constructed in 2009. In addition to the connection of an attractive excursion destination for tourists, it is also intended to relieve congestion between Bolzano and the popular range of hills. The first tricable gondola lift in Italy has been a complete success. Around one million passengers use it each year. Traffic on the roads is reduced and the significance of the Ritten as an excursion destination, and its attractiveness as a residential area, have been significantly enhanced.

Company: STA S.p.A.
Location: Bolzano / Bozen (BZ)
Country: Italy
Year: 2009
Type of ropeway:
Length in m
Height difference
Number of cabins
Number of towers

3S Ritten Renon - Bolzano, Italy

3S Ritten Renon - Bolzano, Italy
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