From the sea to the mountains in 11 minutes

Stunning ropeway opened by LEITNER in Montenegro

An authentic technological marvel, both in structural and functional terms, was opened in summer 2023 in Kotor (MNE) and will be able to transport people directly from the sea to the mountains along a 3.9 km route that climbs 1316 metres.

Ropeway highlights

  • Environmental protection: the connection between the city of Kotor and Lovćen National Park is an admirable example of sustainable mobility.
  • Special equipment: the ropeway has 48 fully glazed Diamond-EVO cabins with wooden seats and a lighting system for use at night.
  • LEITNER DirectDrive technology offers numerous advantages in terms of energy savings, easy maintenance and reduced noise.
  • The use of the LeitDrive frequency converter guarantees high overall efficiency of 96%.
  • Sustainability: thanks to LEITNER technology, maximum energy efficiency is guaranteed.

From the coastal city to Lovćen National Park

Compared with the 45 minutes needed to drive to the same destination, the ropeway is able to transport up to 1200 people an hour in just 11 minutes and therefore reduce road traffic in the process. The new ropeway will also make it possible to significantly cut CO2 emissions, a major benefit of the LEITNER sustainable mobility solutions currently available all over the world.

An answer for every challenge

Carrying out this project was a real challenge but the LEITNER team proved to be more than up to the task. Thanks to its decades of experience and in-depth expertise in the sector, the company was able to complete the project while meeting the ambitious requirements of the customer. The biggest criticalities to overcome were:

  • the modest length of the route, just about four kilometres
  • the climb of 1316 metres
  • the inclination, as much as 45°
  • Because of the size and tension of the ropeway it was necessary to introduce structural adjustments, reinforcing the top station and using special grips (LPA-EVO model), for example.
  • The rope’s elevated tensile force of about 120 tonnes is a third higher than that of other installations of this kind.
  • Assembly during the winter season: despite build-ups of snow well over a metre in height, the project was completed according to schedule.


Thanks to this spectacular technological miracle, today Montenegro is able to offer not only a sustainable transport solution but also a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity to admire the breathtaking beauty of the entire region. An admirable best practice that can act as a source of inspiration for other regions as well as an incentive to choose LEITNER’s sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.

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