LEITNER Bike-transport

for surface lifts

A solution for all surface lifts

We meet the increasing demands for summer leisure activities with the bicycle-transport system for surface lifts.

With our reliable partner, Easyloopsystem, we can retrofit any type of surface lift without additional equipment for the use of different types of bicycles. Operating the bike transport system with the surface lift is easy and quick, as it can be attached and detached with just one hand motion. 

Further information

Easy operation:
Easy operation through quick attachment and detachment with just one hand motion.

Centered positioning:
By placing it in the center of the handlebar, a centered alignment is ensured during the ride.

Quick transformation:
The installation can be transformed from winter to summer operation within 1 to 2 hours.

Safe transport:
The fabric-leather covering protects the bicycle from damage and allows for immediate detachment in case of a fall. Improper use is excluded.

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