Advantages of the LEITNER 3S System

Economically and ecologically beneficial

Simple cable deflection

LEITNER 3S systems only require four sheaves

Drive station: Two drive sheaves and one return sheave

Return station: One return sheave

Increased service life of the hauling cable thanks to the low number of bend cycles.

+ Lower maintenance costs

Optimum redundancy for maximum safety

If required, an independent drive can be installed for both drive sheaves. This is also the case for the emergency drive/evacuation drive.

+ Redundant design for maximum safety and availability

Patented hauling cable rollers with spring system

The lift-off load on the hauling cable is minimized by the spring roller system installed on the towers

The lower lift-off height results in less vibration of the hauling cable and considerably lower loading of the support cables by the carriage rollers.

+ Increased service life of the support cables

+ Quieter ride

The flexible switch points system

The switch points are designed for optimum flexibility

The rapid switching cycles allow the vehicles to be pushed in and out during operation. The garaging procedure can be executed at running speed. The compartment-style system enables manual control of the switch points.

+ Flexibility

+ Time saving

+ Availability

Compact station design

LEITNER 3S stations are highly compact

The low installation height reduces cubage and costs. The new 3S carriage permits minimal curve radii in the station and the very tightest curves in both directions in the garaging area.

+ Cost savings

+ Flexibility

Optimized accessibility

LEITNER stations are very accessible

All mechanisms are directly accessible and thus easy to check and adjust. The outer station turnaround is accessible from a standing position, meaning ergonomic and safe working.

+ Simplified maintenance

+ Safety for maintenance staff

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