The new LEITNER 2S carriage

The new plastic rollers

The carriage is a central element of the new design. In contrast with conventional running rollers, the rollers of the new carriage are only made from plastic. The newly developed plastic rollers are finished with specially shaped side boards. If necessary, these can bear the weight of the entire carrier and rope lifting loads from the carrying rope to the auxiliary track when crossing towers. The service life of the carrying rope and the carrying rope shifting intervals are extended by this rope-protecting new development.

A new construction

Manufacturing technologies and precision components like those used in aircraft construction are the hallmark of the high technical standard of the new LEITNER 2S carriage. Most parts are milled from solid pieces, eliminating the need for numerous safety welds and nondestructive testing. The design offers significantly more stability with less weight. This also significantly reduces the effort required for the intended on-site inspections.

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