Ropeway management

For the smart ski resort

Ropeway management is an application for the Skadii platform that collects and analyses live data from ropeways and makes it available in processed form. The management of a ski resort acquires an efficient tool to support important decisions with a visual presentation of all system-related data.

The collected data is presented in a way that is clear and easy to understand, and the chronological sequence is shown in diagrams. For example, a very broad range of parameters relating to the engine, the hydraulic cable-tensioning or even weather data recorded on location can be shown.

Ropeway management may be purchased as an individual product or as a package with other applications.


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Ropeway Management
Intuitive user interface
The intuitive user interface is oriented to the long-established LeitControl and is very easy to use.
Complete overview
All ropeway systems installed at a ski resort are shown clearly on a map and can be selected with a click.
Easy access
LEITNER ropeway management can be accessed from any internet-enabled device - computer, tablet or smartphone.
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