Innovative control system from LEITNER sets new standards

Easy, intuitive and reliable

LEITNER LeitControl

Where complex work processes were once required, now a single instruction on the computer is needed. LeitControl simplifies and improves ropeway control in many areas, with impressive results. While seven operating steps were previously required to garage the vehicles, from the correct positioning of the system and the adjustment of the switch points to the start of the conveyor chains, with LeitControl all that is required is a single press of the corresponding control button, which then begins the process completely automatically. The garaging system is only one example of the innovative LeitControl concept. The fact that multiple manual work steps are now carried out fully-automatically increases operator comfort and safety and reduces the effort required. The design of the operator interface is based on modern operating systems.

Application oriented operational concept

LEITNER LeitControl

The basic idea in the development of LeitControl was to change from a hardware-oriented to an application and function-oriented operational concept. The newly-developed operator panel features all control keys required for daily operation. LeitControl covers all functions and the operation of the system in normal operation as well as the execution of tests required for commissioning and regular inspection. "It provides the operations manager with the possibility of accessing all data for his system and to assess them as desired," explains Günter Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering at LEITNER.

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