Sustainability at LEITNER

High-tech solutions for sustainable ropeway operation

LEITNER is driven by passion for the mountains and has a special connection with nature. That’s why we’re especially keen to preserve these sensitive environments as carefully as possible. We use sustainable, cutting-edge technologies and innovative products to help shape future mobility, not only for winter sports but in urban areas as well. Taking responsibility for future generations and the environment is not something negotiable. It’s LEITNER’s mission.

Sustainability brochure

Everything about sustainability at LEITNER in one brochure.

LEITNER drive solutions

DirectDrive, LeitDrive and LeitControl


Every safe journey on a ropeway is based on a reliable and powerful drive concept. Unmatched and unique: LEITNER DirectDrive. This drive system works entirely without gears and almost silently, and requires extremely little maintenance.


LeitDrive is a frequency converter entirely conceived and developed in house by LEITNER. Perfect coordination between motor and frequency converter guarantees high overall efficiency and a drive motor that runs smoothly and efficiently in any load range.


LeitControl is an innovative operating concept for ropeway systems. With its simple, centralized, highly intuitive control system, this LEITNER technology offers ropeway operators a new level of convenience. Training times for new employees are significantly reduced; so too are operator errors in daily operation and any associated outages, thanks to a function-oriented control concept.


LoadSim is essentially software with which mechanical brakes can be tested without loading the cabins/chairs with weights. Ropeway loads are simulated by the drive motor’s electronic programs. The brakes actually operate. This means exact brake settings can be checked reliably and safely at any time.


EcoDrive is designed to conserve the electrical energy used for the operation of ropeway installations. Normally, the speed and thus also the energy requirement of the system is regulated by the operating staff. With EcoDrive a system is used, which regulates the speed of the installation autonomously, based on the number of waiting passengers in the entry areas of the ropeway. Taking a chairlift as an example: up to 20% of the usual energy can be saved by automatically reducing the speed from 5 m/s to 4 m/s, without sacrificing ride comfort.

Photovoltaic modules - on the stations and cabins

Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important. How best to use available space? One promising option is photovoltaic modules, ideally installed on station roofs or side panels. Photovoltaic panels can also be fitted to cabins. They aren’t just ecologically advisable, they’re also economically attractive. All in all, this way of generating energy is a promising way to make operations more sustainable.

Intelligent Heat Detector (IHD)

The IHD uses the electric gates (for chairlifts) and a heat sensor in a reference vehicle on the installation to control seat heating automatically, which helps save energy and make seat heating sustainable. A sensor detects the temperature on the surface of the seats and passes this information on to the system. The chairs and cabins are heated (or not) as they pass through the station, depending on the temperature of the seat surfaces. This system can save a lot of energy, especially in the spring and in very sunny ropeways, because the seats are already warmed by the sun’s radiation or the outside temperature, so they no longer need to be heated. In chairlifts, a direct connection is established between the electric gates and the heating system. This connection ensures that only chairs on which passengers are sitting are heated. The IHD system can also be integrated into existing seat heating systems with minimal effort.

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