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The new 3S cabin designed by Pininfarina
3S Cabin Symphony red

Following a long and successful partnership, the new 3S cabins from LEITNER also bear the mark of Pininfarina - the famous designer of Ferrari and Maserati sports cars. The cabin design and levels of comfort are reminiscent of the automotive world: advanced technology, aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. When boarding, passengers immediately sense upscale quality reflected in the wider and higher entryway, which also reduces boarding and deboarding times. The cabin offers 28 comfortable seats with exceptional seating comfort as well as standing room for seven passengers. The all-round glazing with panoramic windows provide stunning views during the ride. Numerous innovative solutions include a lighting system as well as a climate control and an energy concept. Admire the here impressive evolution of the 3S cabin.

Symphony 10

Maximum comfort in pininfarina look
Luxury Cabin Symphony 10 red

After the 3S “Symphony” cabin, LEITNER now presents its “little sister”: The Symphony 10 offers excellent performance in terms of space, comfort and experience. Complementing the Diamond model, it creates an attractive premium offering in the 10-passenger gondola segment.

What is new in the Symphony 10 is primarily the design, which offers guests more convenience from when they enter the gondola until they leave it. The first comfort boost is the much wider entryway compared with the Diamond Series 10-passenger gondola. The sliding doors also ensure that passengers near the doors are no longer bothered by the mechanism when opening. The panorama windows that extend all the way to the roof offer the best possible all-round view, giving a particularly open ride experience.

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