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LEITNER DirectDrive

Unique in the ropeway sector
DirectDrive by LEITNER

The LEITNER DirectDrive is the world’s only ropeway drive system that operates without any gears. Compared with conventional systems, it boasts key advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, sustainability and reliability. The LEITNER DirectDrive works using a synchronous motor with an output shaft that is directly linked to the pulley wheel. Energy consumption is reduced by approximately five percent. In contrast to conventional planetary gear drive systems, absolutely no engine oil is required. As the LEITNER DirectDrive comprises fewer parts and has a lower rotational speed, systems are exposed to less wear and tear, have a lower risk of malfunction and are consequently much more reliable. Furthermore, the greater level of running smoothness reduces noise emissions at stations by around 15 dB compared with conventional drive systems. This is advantageous to both passengers and residents alike. The innovative solution has already been used in more than 183 ropeways worldwide.


Logical progression of innovative drive technology
LeitDrive Cabinet

The logical next step up from DirectDrive is the LeitDrive frequency inverter, which uses cutting edge technology and a modular design to achieve the highest levels of economy, flexibility and environmental friendliness. It converts the mains voltage and regulates the speed of the motor. Thanks to the long-standing experience and technological know-how of LEITNER, this new system can be tailored precisely to the needs of ropeway customers. The new technology is especially quiet and environmentally friendly. The waste heat can be used for heating and hot water.


Improved user comfort and operating safety
Control panel LeitControl

The push of a button is enough to activate complex work processes. The new LeitControl control system from LEITNER not only makes many ropeway processes much easier. With its user-friendly design, advanced ergonomics and uncomplicated user guidance based on modern operating systems, the risk of user error is also reduced, and the training time of new employees shortened. Where seven operating steps were previously required to garage the vehicles, from the correct positioning of the system using the switch points to the start of the conveyor chains, with LeitControl all that is required is a single press of the corresponding control button, which then initiates the process completely automatically.

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