GD8 Cabarceno I + II
Fascinating View of Bears and Gorillas

GD8 Cabarceno I + II

Since September 2016, visitors to the Cabárceno Nature Park in the Northern Spanish province of Cantabria can enjoy a view of the immense zoo from above. The panoramic windows of the gondola lift allow an unrestricted view of the animals. Cabins with glass floors are a special attraction. The ropeway consists of two independent gondola lifts. One forms a triangle with three angle stations. One of this ropeway’s special features is that each of the 22 support towers only has a roller battery on one side. That means that the 38 gondolas only run counter-clockwise on one side of the support towers. The ropes were partially pulled with a drone to avoid disturbing the animals.


Company: Cantur S.A.
Location: Cabarceno
Country: Spain
Year: 2016
Type of ropeway:
Length in m
3831 + 1069
Height difference
288 + 101
1250 - 1250
335 + 168
Number of cabins
38 + 22
Number of towers
22 + 6


Success for the entire park

The ropeways built by LEITNER ropeways are a true success. They have become an additional attraction in the park and our customers can explore the park from a different angle.

- Miguel Oti Pino - Park Director

The result

Impressive pictures of the zoo project in Cantabria
youtube video
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