GD8 Bursa I + II + III
The world’s longest monocable gondola lift

GD8 Bursa I + II + III

The world’s longest monocable gondola lift

The link between the Turkish city of Bursa and a recreational area in the adjacent Uludağ Mountains is now far more convenient and efficient. The ropeway is nine kilometers long, negotiates a vertical distance of 1,400 meters and gets passengers to their destination much quicker.

Company: Bursa Teleferik A.S.
Location: Bursa
Country: Turkey
Year: 2014
Type of ropeway:
Length in m
Height difference
Number of cabins
Number of towers

“The new ropeway offers a fast, comfortable and environmentally friendly connection up to Uludağ. This project means a great deal to me as a local citizen”

- Ilker Cumbul - CEO of Bursa Teleferik A.Ş

The world’s longest monocable gondola lift

LEITNER ropeways launches a spectacular major project in Turkey

February 2014 - The Uludağ mountain range in the north-west of Turkey is a popular vacation destination. In summer it attracts visitors to the national park, while in winter it is home to one of Turkey’s largest ski resorts. Until a few months ago, the trip from the city of Bursa was a laborious affair, relying on a 50-year-old ropeway followed by a bus or taxi ride. The city of Bursa commissioned LEITNER ropeways to install the longest monocable gondola lift in the world, which has now made the journey considerably faster and much more comfortable.

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