GD8 Aosta – Les Fleurs / Les Fleurs-Plan Praz-Pila
Connection between Aosta and Pila in Upper Italy

GD8 Aosta – Les Fleurs / Les Fleurs-Plan Praz-Pila

Since December 2008, an 8-passenger gondola lift in two sections connects the two towns of Aosta and Pila in northern Italy. Residents and visitors benefit from this installation as they now can easily reach the skiing and recreational areas. Two stations of this ropeway are connected to railway lines. The first section “Aosta - Les Fleurs” starts at the railway station of Aosta and the middle station of the second section “Les Fleurs - Plan Praz - Pila” is located next to the train station of Cogne. This allows day trippers to explore the area around the town of Aosta with public transport systems without having to use their car.

Company: Pila S.p.A.
Location: Aosta
Country: Italy
Year: 2008
Type of ropeway:
Length in m
3356 / 1635
Height difference
794 / 431
2400 / 2400
1250 / 820
Number of cabins
102+1 / 63
Number of towers
31 / 19
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