New ropeways for Austria and Germany

Modern ropeway technology for an exciting ski winter

LEITNER - innovation meets sustainability

In the upcoming winter season, Austrian and German ski resorts will be relying on LEITNER's advanced technologies. Our ropeways not only offer maximum safety and modern comfort, but also fulfil the requirements of sustainable and resource-saving operation.

Unique ropeway experiences

The CD6C "Gauxjoch" and "Trattenbach" in Kitzbühel: These two 6-seater chairlifts represent the pinnacle of modern ropeway technology. Equipped with the LEITNER DirectDrive and EcoDrive, they offer exceptional energy efficiency. The heatable EVO premium chairs and weather bubbles guarantee comfort in all weather conditions. While the "Gauxjoch" transports up to 2,400 passengers per hour in around 3.5 minutes, the "Trattenbach" achieves the same feat in under three minutes.

The GD10 "Galtbergbahn" in the Schlick 2000 ski center: This impressive installation replaces a traditional surface lift and offers a spectacular panoramic view with its Diamond EVO cabins and panoramic windows. At a speed of 6 m/s, the installation covers a distance of 1435 meters, with the LEITNER DirectDrive ensuring greater sustainability, lower maintenance requirements and maximum noise reduction.

The 10-passenger gondola lift GD10 "Wilde Krimml" in Zillertal: This ropeway connects Zell with Gerlos and offers a spacious ride experience with heated seats thanks to the LEITNER DirectDrive and Diamond EVO cabins. It transports up to 2,400 passengers per hour and enables a fast and comfortable ride without a middle station.

Zukunftsvision: Barrierefreiheit und Erlebnisvielfalt

At the Ochsenkopf, we are working on modernising the north lift and are paying particular attention to the needs of mono-skiers. We are making our ropeways more accessible with new solutions such as sliding mat strips and special wheelchairs. The ambitious construction programme will continue in 2024 with the renewal of the south lift. The modernisation at the Ochsenkopf will double transport capacity and reduce waiting times.


Our aim is to enrich the experience in the ski resorts for ski tourists, mountain bikers, families and senior citizens all year round.

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