Experience autonomous operation with LeitPilot from LEITNER

When developing modern ropeway technologies, LEITNER focuses on safety, sustainability and resource conservation.

The latest example of this is LeitPilot, the intelligent technology for autonomous operation in gondola lifts. This product innovation, which can be perfectly combined with other ropeway components from LEITNER, can be integrated into both new and existing installations.

LeitPilot overview

  •  Conservation of resources
  • Can be integrated into new and old systems
  • Can be used with all station configurations
  • Maximum safety thanks to state-of-the-art technology and safety equipment
  • Increased comfort thanks to particularly stable guidance of the cabin in the station

Reduced personnel deployment

Conventional systems for ropeway installations usually require a considerable amount of manpower to ensure smooth operation. With LeitPilot from LEITNER, the need for personnel can be significantly reduced for the first time. The operation of the station can now be carried out autonomously and safely with real-time monitoring. This new technology can be seamlessly integrated into any LEITNER station - whether drive, return, top, bottom, or intermediate.

Universally applicable

LeitPilot can be integrated into new and existing systems and can also be adapted to different station configurations, such as HCL stations (high capacity loading). The flexibility of LEITNER gondola lifts is demonstrated in combination with numerous other options, such as Stop&Go, EcoDrive, intelligent access control or optimized ticketing systems.

Maximum safety with state-of-the-art technology

Passenger safety is the top priority. LeitPilot integrates advanced LIDAR sensors to monitor the vehicle pit, cameras to monitor the boarding and deboarding area and the station surroundings. The newly developed safety features also include limiting doors and emergency stop switches.

More comfort thanks to increased stability

LeitPilot's optimized cabin guides ensure an even more stable ride of the cabins in the station and thus a particularly high level of comfort for passengers.

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