LEITNER DirectDrive - still unrivaled on the ropeway market

Pioneering drive technology already for more than 20 years

It was already recognized at an early stage at LEITNER that the future of the ropeway system lies in DirectDrive. That’s why the gearless DirectDrive system by LEITNER, including a frequency inverter, has been setting standards worldwide for more than 20 years. In comparison to other drives and direct drives, the customers particularly appreciate the low maintenance effort, high reliability of the system and the incredibly high user friendliness and ease of maintenance. More than 200 ropeways in over 25 countries are already equipped with this technology.

From the developer directly onto the ski slope

The DirectDrive is entirely developed and produced in-house at LEITNER. This guarantees the highest product quality and innovative lead. Thanks to the consistent in-house implementation, the original by LEITNER is always at the state-of-the-art, with the company’s research activities constantly flowing into the DirectDrive. LEITNER’s many years of experience ensure a maximum of product and advisory expertise, as well as performance for any requirement.

Low maintenance effort, easily repaired

With the LEITNER DirectDrive, the highest technological standards meet the maximum operation and maintenance convenience. The strengths in practice are particularly shown by the ease of repair. Generally, repairs can be completed within a few hours, without impairing the running operation. For example, the coils can be replaced particularly quickly and easily due to the very low weight. The station also does not need to be opened for work activities on the system, which makes days lost a thing of the past.

Leading each through innovation with efficiency and adaptability

The perfected LEITNER technology achieves efficiency of up to 94 percent from the partial to peak load range. This clearly puts it in pole position on the market. The redundancy of the DirectDrive design also contributes to the maximum performance. With the design in the form of multiple segments, it is particularly high and thereby increases operational reliability enormously. For example, even with an oversized motor, the required output can be provided to operate the system, even with a possible malfunction of a segment.

Best practice Serfaus subway

The installation at the Serfaus funicular shows how flexible the LEITNER DirectDrive is. The first DirectDrive with an installed vertical drive sheave celebrated its premiere there. An alternative that is useful for aerial tramways, funiculars or material conveyor belts. The LEITNER DirectDrive is implementable for all ropeways, like no other of its kind.

A perfected technology that also benefits our environment

At the heart of LEITNER DirectDrive, is the sheave that is connected directly to the synchronous motor. This is comprised of two moving parts, the rotor and two bearings. The required motor oil quantities for a conventional planetary gear are completely eliminated.

Less wear and noises

As the LEITNER DirectDrive operates with fewer parts and lower rotational speed, wear and malfunction risk are reduced significantly. In addition to the higher reliability, it is also convincing with significantly reduced noise development. The efficient drive system is complemented by the LeitDrive frequency inverter, whose perfect coordination with the motor guarantees the high overall efficiency in all load ranges. The use of waste heat from the fluid cooling system ensures additional synergy effects for heating or hot water generation. This means that the LEITNER drive system also plays along in the premier league in terms of sustainability and conservation of resources.

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