LEITNER Tele-assistance


The LEITNER Tele-assistance supports you in the verification of the functionality of your installation, as well as in finding solutions quickly. With the help of LEITNER Teleassistance, our service technician sees the system as if he‘d be sitting right next to you.

The operating status of the system can be directly monitored from the LEITNER headquarter in Sterzing in order to provide the operator with targeted and fast information on the system functionality or supporting him during troubleshooting. The connection to the internet is established through an industrial firewall installed in the control cabinet. A safe connection between the service technician‘s PC and the system is guaranteed by a VPN connection, thereby an unauthorized access by third parties is excluded.

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LEITNER Tele-assistance

Included services

Permanent connection to our remote maintenance specialists

Guaranteed remote access support for remote diagnosis an technical support (requires an installed remote maintenance box).

Guaranteed and secure connectivity

The connection between your installation and LEITNER headquarter is secured througha VPN connection. Therby an unauthorized access by third parties can be excluded. For the customer there is additionally the possibility to manually deactivate the remote maintenance of the system in order to prevent any unwanted exernal connection.

Webinterface - Mobilemonitoring

Remote maintenance connection will be compatible with the new SKADII from HTI Digital. General information on the status of the installation can be retrieved via a dedicated app or web interface.

Technician warranty of service

If necessary, it is guaranteed that within the shortest possible time a specialized technician is on site at your premises.

24H Hotline Service

8 hours of calls with mechanical and electrical engineering Hotline is included.

Advantages of the LEITNER tele-assistance

Higher operational reliability

Higher operational reliability therefore als reduce operating costs

Time saving

Time saving due to fast error detection and correction

Minimalization of downtimes

The minimization of downtimes results in an increase in availability

Higher savings

Savings in travel costs, a technician visit can be avoided

Correct identification

The needed spare part can be identified remotely

Professional support

Professional support of the operating personnel for safe and smooth operation of the system

Support & Service

Support & service around the clock, also outside the usual service hours you can get technical support

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