LEITNER grip revision

The LEITNER Customer Service Department offers a professional grip revision and repair service for automatic installations as well as for general mechanical components.

The revision and repair process is carried out and documented by experienced technicians. This process includes geometric inspection, pre-revision functional testing, inspection of dismantled parts during the revision process, visual inspections and manual prescribed tests (NDT).

Included services


Integration of every revision lot into the planning of the department and definition of the time window for the revision. Planning of the disassembly, the delivery and re-assembly of the grips with sufficient lead time.

Exchange of wear parts

Systematic replacement of wear parts such as split pin bushings, Seeger or general connecting elements or – if necessary – other components such as bolts, wheels, springs or the guide needle.

Restoration surface protection

Surface protection, from painting to metallization, from electrolytic zinc plating to Dacromet or similar.

Repair of detected defects

Unexpected defect found during the revision will be communicated to the customer. An action plan for remedying the defect will be defined.


After reassembly, each grip will be lubricated with high-quality products. Further geometric tests and functional checks will be made to ensure trouble-free use of the grip.

Report und certification

Detailed report including the geometric data and force of each individual grip before and after revision, photographic documentation, a final assessment of the result of the revision, and certification of the performed Non Distructive Test (NDT).

The advantages

Professional service

Professional, time- and cost-efficient service of high quality thanks to access to the entire project and production documentation, specialized technicians and the fast availability of spare parts.


Accurate execution of the revision, as the efficiency of the grip contributes significantly to the safety of the transport of persons or goods.


Technical updates if necessary.

Complete solution from a single source

360° service saving client’s purchase and storage costs for the required materials. Better planning of client’s resources for other maintenance projects.

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