The Logbook is the simple way to complete the legally required documentation for the operation of your ropeway.

Gather together the different stations belonging to one ropeway in just one operating Logbook, eliminating the need for time-consuming document collation. The system takes your team through the process step by step. Mandatory fields ensure that no task is missed and a simple structure helps ensure that documentation is submitted on time. The Management Dashboard gives you central access to information about all of the ropeways operating in your resort. Data is constantly available, as it is centrally and securely stored in our ISO 27001 certified cloud.

The Logbook also operates offline, allowing you to access the most recently stored data, so you can work efficiently even in areas with low network coverage.

Easy to use on computer, tablet, smartphone
Access anytime, anywhere, no network connection required
Automatic data backup to the cloud
Automatic synchronization between all devices
Real-time communication between the installations and departments
Automatic data transfer by a single touch
Real-time information on all ropeways
Clear documentation of the operating day
Error prevention through mandatory fields increases operational safety
Software application for Skadii
Certified digital signature
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