"I have the advantage that I can get straight to the center on the funicular"

Gregor Leitner from Innsbruck (AT) commutes daily to work by ropeway

The Hungerburgbahn - urban local public transportation

The Hungerburgbahn is a funicular in Innsbruck (AT) connecting Innsbruck’s Old Town with the district of Hungerburg. From there, the Nordkettenbahn ropeway continues up to the Hafelekar at 2,300 meters above sea level. The partly underground funicular runs from the Congress to the Hungerburg with midway stations at the Löwenbrücke bridge and the Alpine Zoo. Specifically for this funicular, LEITNER developed an automatic tilting mechanism for its two carriages to ensure that passengers can board and exit easily from the carriages at all stations. The Hungerburgbahn, built in 2007, is one of Innsbruck’s tourist highlights. The striking design of the stations and the Löwenbrücke bridge by award-winning architect Zaha Hadid is unmistakable.
Visitors and residents of the city can ride the Hungerburgbahn to reach the high alpine terrain from the city center in just 20 minutes. For those living in the Hungerburg district, the funicular is also an important means of public transportation to get quickly and easily from the higher district into the city. In the fourth video of the video series "We move ...", Gregor Leitner from Innsbruck talks about how the funicular facilitates his journey to work in the city.


Gregor Leitner portrait foto

"I have the advantage that I can take the funicular straight to the center, without bends, direct, and saving time."

- Gregor Leitner, Innsbruck

Easy journey

Gregor Leitner

For Gregor Leitner from Innsbruck, the Hungerburgbahn demonstrates the many advantages of tourist urban ropeways. During the journey he can enjoy unique views, the ropeway guarantees consistent travel times, passengers are transported continuously, and the journey to work is particularly pleasant.

This funicular is also a practical means of transportation for tourists. The Hungerburgbahn transports visitors to the city from the center to Innsbruck’s high plateau. There you change to the Seegrube or Nordkettenbahn ropeways and continue to the Hafelekar mountain - the window onto the Karwendel Nature Park. Total travel time from the city to the summit is about half an hour.

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