Innovations since 1888

The most important innovations and milestones in the history of LEITNER


SYMPHONY: The new cabin designed by Pininfarina

High tech from the automotive and aerospace industries for the LEITNER 3S System. The new 3S cabins from LEITNER bear the mark of Pininfarina, the famous designer of Ferrari and Maserati sports cars. The cabin design and comfort are reminiscent of the automotive world: advanced technology, aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. In addition, numerous technological innovations in the 3S carriage provide greater ride comfort and safety.

LEITNER Premium Chair: Elegant genuine leather sports seats

Riding the ropeway with the comfort of a luxury limousine. With the new Premium chairs by LEITNER, winter sports enthusiasts sit especially comfortably and securely. Comfort recognizable at the first glance. These exclusive seats impress with their elegant, ergonomic design and genuine leather upholstery.




The push of a button is enough to activate complex work processes. The new LeitControl control system from LEITNER not only makes many ropeway processes much easier. With its user-friendly design, advanced ergonomics and uncomplicated user guidance based on modern operating systems, the risk of user error is also reduced, and the training time of new employees is reduced.



The LeitDrive frequency converter is unveiled.

This is the result of LEITNER's consistent development of innovative drive technology. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and a modular design, the LeitDrive frequency converter offers the highest degree of cost effectiveness and flexibility. The new technology is especially quiet and environmentally friendly. The waste heat can be used for heating and hot water processing.



BMW Individual for LEITNER

The first suspended limousine. BMW Individual and LEITNER show how luxurious a ropeway can be. An ultra-modern SIGMA Diamond cabin from LEITNER for a relaxed journey up into the mountains. The interior is from BMW Individual and consists of leather seats with a massage function and a multimedia system from the BMW 7-series limousine. The “BMW Individual for LEITNER” project presents what is probably the most exclusive way to experience the alpine world in winter.



The LEITNER group is the first and only single-source supplier for winter sports technologies. From ropeways and snowgroomers to snow making systems, it offers an efficient one-stop shopping experience.


LEITNER installs the first 10-seater monocable gondola lift in the world is built at Kronplatz, Italy

LEITNER inaugurates the first chairlift with a driving speed of 6 m/s in Vemdalen, Sweden.



Inauguration of MiniMetro©, an innovative detachable rope-driven and automatic people mover system in Perugia, Italy.


The development of the LEITNER Comfort Chair is the starting point for individualization in the production of LEITNER chairs.

Additional safety for children is provided by the patented kidstop© system for chairs.



The longest bicable ropeway in the world, BD17 Ngong Ping 360° in Hong Kong starts operation.


LEITNER employs the synergies between ropeway and wind power technology to develop the LEITWIND wind turbine, in which the DirectDrive acts as a generator.


Realization of the first chairlift with LEITNER DirectDrive in Ladurns, Italy.


The first modular compact station is built in Racines, Italy.


Development of the LEITNER detachable grip.


LEITNER builds the first chairlift "Col Alt" in Corvara, Italy.


LEITNER is involved in the construction of the first ropeway for passenger transportation in Central Europe, the “Kohlernbahn” in Bolzano, Italy.

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