skadii update makes digital ski resort management even more efficient

Task Manager, Maintenance Overview and Global Map: An overview of the three new applications for the skadii Resort Management Platform

The skadii digital, open Resort Management Platform by HTI Digital was launched in 2019. With this, ski resorts coordinate various software and hardware providers on a digital interface with a single online access. It can be operated intuitively and efficiently. In the meantime, more than 200 ski resorts worldwide have access to skadii and use it to manage their systems. Now, the ski resort management platform has been enhanced with three new applications. Task Manager, Maintenance Overview and Global Map bring new functions and simplify the use of the platform.

Task Manager – Creating, distributing and tracking tasks efficiently

With the skadii Task Manager, various tasks in the ski resort can be created, distributed and tracked digitally. It’s easier than a Post-it. Tasks are created with one click and allocated to the respective employees. This saves time and every employee has a structured overview of his or her tasks. An alarm function provides support with tracking outstanding tasks. 

Maintenance Overview – The simple digital maintenance tool 

Ropeways, snow groomers, snowmaking systems, as well as many other equipment items in the ski resort must be maintained as efficiently and promptly as possible, so that they are fully operational during the ski season.

In the skadii Maintenance Overview, the maintenance schedules of various manufacturers can now be loaded automatically. The users receive an overview of the maintenance activities and find out:

•    How and when which maintenance steps have been carried out
•    Which costs were associated with this
•    Which maintenance activities are still outstanding

With the Predictive Maintenance function, various maintenance operations can be planned. The entire documentation is backed up in the Cloud.  

“The setup provides automatic linking of the manufacturers’ maintenance schedules with the skadii Maintenance Overview. This increases the efficiency significantly. Previously, many steps needed to be recorded manually. These steps are now reduced to a minimum”, explains Clemens Lantschner, Product Manager of skadii.

Global Map – an overview of the entire ski resort

Ski resorts have numerous technical installations that are embedded into the landscape. It is time-intensive and difficult to maintain an overview of the exact position, function and status of all of these objects. 

The Global Map Function in skadii now enables a full overview at the push of a button. All of the systems, machines and technical installations integrated into skadii are displayed on a map in a clearly laid out manner, including corresponding detailed information. Furthermore, up-to-date weather data, such as temperature or wind conditions, can be displayed in the map. This makes discrepancies from the target state/acute weather trends immediately and easily identifiable. 

The Global Map functions – as part of the skadii platform – on any Internet-enabled device, regardless of time and place. Therefore, the responsible person can also access this information outside of the ski resort and react accordingly.

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