Premium EVO: The chair evolution continues

LEITNER ropeways maximizes headroom for passengers and introduces new safety and comfort components

Development existing strengths

One of LEITNER ropeways’ main aims is to further develop existing strengths. The latest example is the LEITNER Premium Chair EVO, setting the new standard by combining ride comfort, safety and technology. The key features of this striking evolutionary stage include the significantly increased headroom thanks to a uniquely arched bubble and an even quieter ride experience thanks to optimized technology used for the chair suspension. The range of services is completed by new safety features and even more individual design freedom.

Elegant shape

When first developing the LEITNER Premium Chair EVO, a high standard was expected: to optimize all component parts. The first visible signs of this are the elegant shape and design featuring high-quality materials. As an example, the discerning design of the new chair has been refined with a leather finish, therefore ensuring a premium ride experience. For years, standard modern chairlifts have featured tried-and-tested comfort padding in synthetic leather variants and it is therefore also a key component of the new chair model. However, even here, LEITNER ropeways is presenting a practical further development. Thanks to newly designed openings behind the backrest cushions, maintenance is even faster, less complicated and more practical than ever before.

The bubble fixing and hand grips are also new. The unique arch provides even greater headroom while also offering the least restricted panoramic views possible. The exit opening has also been re-designed to ensure even particularly tall people can get on and off safely and comfortably. Even the effort required for opening and closing the bubble has been significantly reduced.

Greater seat comfort

The side walls made from shock-absorbing material - designed exclusively for the Premium Chair EVO - ensure even greater seat comfort and also add a striking visual element. For greater safety and protection, another classic equipment element has been re-designed: the nonslip rubber coating on the footrests improves grip while protecting the ski edges perfectly, preserving the edges and ensuring additional hold. The measures are further complemented by an improved ride experience from the chair suspension technology. It prevents high- and low-frequency vibrations being felt by passengers, thus ensuring a pleasantly quiet ride experience. When it comes to design, the EVO more than meets the high demands of modern ropeways.

In addition to three coloration options on the bubble and being able to choose from galvanized or black powder-coated chair frames, further equipment extras offer maximum design freedom. As well as being able to choose from a range of safety bars and cushioning types, customers can also further personalize the cushioning by embroidering their logo, too.


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