LEITNER in Scandinavia

Scandinavia installs even more LEITNER ropeways

LEITNER is exerting a modernizing influence at a number of ski resorts in Sweden, Finland, and Norway by building no fewer than twelve new ropeways. Whether in the renowned World Cup venue of Åre or in Voss, western Norway’s biggest ski resort; whether purely for winter use or for all-year-round operation: with these new projects in the north of Europe, LEITNER is demonstrating once again how best to combine technological innovation with custom flexibility.

GD10 Sydgondolen 1 und 2

LEITNER will complete the new GD10 Sydgondolen 1 and 2 10-passenger gondola lift in the upcoming winter season, thereby giving the Idre Fjäll ski resort a major upgrade. Sustainability is high on the agenda in Sweden as it is elsewhere, so the new, two-section ropeway is naturally being equipped with a LEITNER DirectDrive. In order to be able to use the slopes in the lower area even in the case of strong winds in the upper area, the ropeway has the special feature of being able to operate the lower section autonomously. There will be a total of 80 cabins providing a capacity of up to 3,000 passengers per hour This ropeway will remain open all year round and will offer bike transport in summer. In the winter season, visitors to this popular leisure destination can look forward to two new descents made accessible by the new gondola lift.

CD6 Stjärnliften

Construction work is also ongoing in the run-up to this coming season at the well-known Swedish World Cup venue of Åre, with its 90 slopes and 41 lifts. The new CD6 Stjärnliften chairlift is being built to replace the existing 2-seater fixed-grip chairlift at the center of the country’s oldest and best known ski resort. The new 6-seater chairlift will carry 2,600 passengers per hour in winter. Four bike holders on each set of chairs will make things significantly easier when it comes to exploring the mountains by bicycle in the summer months.

CD6 Trastølheis

In the Norwegian ski resort of Voss, the new CD6 Trastølheis 6-seater chairlift will replace a fixed-grip chairlift which was built right back in 1968. Powered by a LEITNER DirectDrive, the new system will mean a significantly improved capacity of up to 2,400 passengers per hour. The new ropeway will also reduce the journey time along the existing route in western Norway’s biggest ski resort to just over three minutes.

New 6-seater chairlifts modernize the skiing experience

LEITNER is building a 6-seater chairlift at the Romme Alpin ski resort near Stockholm, which will boost capacity and comfort, especially for the numerous weekend visitors who come from the city. This ropeway, also powered by a LEITNER DirectDrive, connects the two farthest locations at the resort, making it Romme Alpin’s longest aerial lift. LEITNER’s CD6 Snöberget Direkt will be its sixth ropeway at this central Swedish ski area.

At the Vassfjellet – Klæbu family ski area south of Trondheim, LEITNER is building another modern 6-seater chairlift This ropeway will be called CD6 Midt Expressen and will have a capacity of 2,600 passengers per hour. It will be the seventh ropeway in this snow-sure ski resort, which offers a total of 15 kilometers of slopes.

LEITNER will build the CD6 Bitihorn Express 6-seater chairlift along the summer bobsleigh course in the Norwegian town of Beitostølen. This new installation is already the second detachable chairlift from LEITNER in the Beitostølen Skicenter and will ensure perfect transport in both the winter and summer seasons in the future. It will give fast access to twelve kilometers of varied slopes in winter, and make it easy to transport bicycles in summer with its LEITNER bike holders.

Aside from engineering big ropeways in 2022, LEITNER is building four surface lifts in Sweden, as well as one in Norway and one in Finland.

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