LEITNER in Austria

Austria looks forward to a winter of ropeway upgrades with LEITNER

LEITNER will be giving Austria’s forthcoming ski season an ultra-modern start with no fewer than eight new ropeways. The company is deploying the full breadth of its considerable portfolio to deliver the right infrastructure for every kind of use, from 10-passenger gondola lifts to Telemix systems.
A key component in all this is the LEITNER DirectDrive, which, because it’s so maintenance-friendly and easy on resources, provides important added sustainability. LEITNER DirectDrive uses up to five percent less electricity than conventional systems.

GD10 Hössbahn

The new GD10 Hössbahn will be completed in time for this year’s Christmas celebrations in Hinterstoder. The 10-passenger gondola lift will run parallel to the existing ropeway, which will be removed after the summer season and replaced in time for winter by the new ropeway onto the Höss.

Situated at the popular World Cup venue in the region of Pyhrn-Priel, this lift features Diamond EVO cabins with automatic sliding doors, providing more legroom as well as ski quivers on the inside.

TMX10-6 Rittisberg

Rittisberg in Styria is a popular family destination in winter, LEITNER is currently finishing work there on a new Telemix ropeway called the TMX6-10 Rittisberg. Thanks to its 3-in-1 technology, it will be operable as a gondola lift, a chairlift, or a combination of both.

Timed to coincide with the ski resort’s 50th anniversary, this far-sighted eight million euro investment means a significant upgrade, including much greater flexibility and performance.

GD10 Galsterberg

LEITNER is currently building a new 10-passenger gondola lift on the Galsterberg in the Schladming-Dachstein region. It will begin operation by the end of the year. Equipped with a LEITNER DirectDrive, the GD10 Galsterberg is set to replace an over thirty year old group gondola lift. This means a significant upgrade for winter sports enthusiasts.

Spacious Diamond EVO cabins in the XL Deep version feature separate upholstered seats and lots of legroom, making things really comfy for passengers. Big glass sides all round provide an exceptional panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

GD10 Greben10

The holiday region of Murtal will also be kitted out with LEITNER’s latest ropeway technology this coming winter. The new GD10 Greben10 at the Grebenzen – St. Lambrecht ski resort will be completed by mid-December. This ropeway will carry a maximum of 2,100 passengers per hour and will offer the ultimate in comfort too, with its 65 Diamond cabins.

Designed by Pininfarina, these cabins have large glass sides all round offering an uninterrupted panoramic view, and will carry visitors up the Grebenzen at six meters per second.

Four new LEITNER ropeways at major ski destinations in Tyrol

GD10 Hoadlbahn

A comprehensive modernization program will start this year at the former Olympic venue of Axamer Lizum, close to the state capital of Innsbruck. A new gondola lift will be built over two sections up to a new top station, which is being erected right next to the existing Hoadlhaus.

The GD10 Hoadlbahn has 75 Diamond EVO 10-passenger cabins. It comprises three Pininfarina-designed premium stations and runs over a total length of 2,030 meters. The DirectDrive system developed by LEITNER will mean even greater sustainability, less maintenance, and the ultimate in noise reduction.

CD8C Kapaunsbahn

LEITNER expertise is being deployed again in the Zillertal tourism region this season. At Stummerberg, the CD8C Kapaunsbahn, with a LEITNER DirectDrive, is replacing an existing ropeway built in 1993. The new ropeway will lead right up to the 2,500 meter summit of the Übergangsjoch, thanks to its extended routing.

By changing the configuration of the surrounding ski runs, the new ropeway will make this part of the Zillertal Arena and its 147 kilometers of slopes much more attractive.

CD6C Leppleskofel

From this winter, a new 6-seater chairlift built by LEITNER will provide maximum comfort at the Defereggen Valley resort. The CD6C Leppleskofel, which ascends to nearly 2,700 meters above sea level, is East Tyrol’s highest ropeway system and offers especially impressive levels of comfort.

LEITNER DirectDrive, premium seats, and weather bubbles mean sustainable efficiency and relaxed travel, whatever the conditions.

CD6C Hornbahn 2000

From December 2022, the new CD6C Hornbahn 2000 6-seater chairlift at the Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau resort will replace its predecessor, which was a 4-seater. The modern, detachable ropeway will carry up to 2,600 people over a length of nearly 1,100 meters, with weather protection, to the Top of Alpbachtal station in under four minutes.

The focus at Alpbachtal has clearly been on quality rather than quantity, with features that include LEITNER DirectDrive, heated seats, and weather bubbles. This is an investment aimed not at expansion, but at improving the quality of people’s experience on the mountain.

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