LEITNER grows its presence in Bavaria’s ski resorts

Bicable technology and Luxury cabins Symphony 10 premièred on Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf

LEITNER ropeways builds three new installations to expand its presence in Bavarian ski resorts. Two new chairlifts in Brauneck and Söllereck already have started operations, and work on the new bicable gondola lift in Oberstdorf is to be completed by summer 2021. The ropeway to the Nebelhorn will be the first to combine the new bicable technology with Luxury cabins Symphony 10.


Schrödelsteinbahn Bergbahnen Brauneck

Brauneck- und Wallbergbahnen GmbH has started the new winter season by opening the new 6-seater chairlift ‘Schrödlsteinbahn’ on the Jaudenhang. After positive experiences with the identical ‘Milchhäuslexpress’ ropeway, the management chose the tried and trusted provider again when modernizing the ropeway: The new chairlift in the popular family ski resort is equipped with bubbles, individual footrests and seat heating. Compared with the ropeway’s predecessor, ‘Finstermünz’, the new system increases the capacity from 650 to 2,400 winter sports enthusiasts per hour. Besides the increased eco-friendliness thanks to the LEITNER DirectDrive technology, the implementation focused in particular on child-friendly functions. For example, the ropeway has automatic locking safety bars and a boarding conveyor belt with an automatic elevating platform for easier access. It detects whether a child or an adult is boarding, and elevates automatically.

Picture © Fabian Schulz


Schrattenwangbahn Söllereck

At Söllereck, the new ‘Schrattenwangbahn’ symbolizes visibly and tangibly the quality campaign launched by Oberstdorfer Bergbahnen AG. Guests now can enjoy the comfort of a modern 6-passenger chairlift with a premium design on the existing route of the 50-year-old surface lift. Besides bubbles and comfortable single seats, this includes the benefits of the new Pininfarina-designed stations. The elegant design, premium materials and state-of-the-art technology reflect the ski resort’s vision of being the most modern family facility operated all-year-round


Nebelhorn Luxury Cabin Symphony 10 yellow logo

Construction work is underway on the new bicable gondola lift on Nebelhorn, just three kilometers from Söllereck as the crow flies. By 2021, this will mark the première of a special technical innovation for LEITNER ropeways: For the first time, LEITNER ropeways’ brand new bicable technology will be combined with Luxury cabins Symphony 10. Combined with new product developments like the carriage, this creates a new overall product in the bicable ropeways segment. That allows the two Nebelhornbahn ropeways 1 and 2 to be operated separately from one another thanks to the two rope loops. To access the Höfatsblick station in future, guests will no longer have to change at the Seealpe midway station, they will be able to stay in the cabin. Besides increasing the comfort significantly, this will also avoid long waiting times in future. The Luxury cabin Symphony, designed by Pininfarina, lets guests experience a new feeling of comfort as soon as they board. The wider boarding area, sliding doors and maximized 360° view through the panoramic windows contribute to this impression. The new installation is the first upgrade since 1976/77, and therefore a true once-in-a-century event for the recreational area that is also popular in summer.

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