New gondola lift for Bosnian Olympic Ski Resort Jahorina

LEITNER ropeways installs a fourth high-quality system at the resort

Attractive destination in summer and winter

The Jahorina ski resort, located just south of Sarajevo, became an Olympic venue in the 1950s. The 2nd ever edition of the Winter Universiade took place here in 1955. Then, during the 1984 Olympic Games, this attractive winter sports destination in the Dinaric mountains served as the venue for the women's Alpine skiing competitions. LEITNER ropeways have already completed three chairlifts in cooperation with the resort. The signing of a contract for the construction of a 10-passenger gondola lift is yet another solid investment in quality for this popular ski resort.

The Jahorina ski resort offers winter sports enthusiasts a total of 25 km of slopes. Located in close proximity to the capital Sarajevo, the resort boasts ski runs of all levels of difficulty, floodlit night skiing, and countless tourist facilities such as hotels, holiday apartments, bars, and clubs. In terms of ropeway technology, the area is currently equipped with three LEITNER ropeways 6-seater chairlifts. Further expansion will soon begin following the signing of a contract for the construction of a new 10-passenger gondola lift, which will broaden horizons for the entire area. The facility, which costs around eight million euros, will not only improve the accessibility of the ski resort, but will also ensure greater operating safety in unfavorable weather conditions. The gondola lift will carry more than 2,700 passengers per hour over a distance of one kilometer and will open up completely new views of the natural beauty of the Dinaric mountains during the three-minute ropeway journey.

The Olympic Center’s goal is to make better use of the tourist potential of the ski resort and to strengthen its position as an attractive destination in summer and winter.



Image: Martin Leitner with Dejan Ljevnaić, Director A.D. Olimpijski centar Jahorina

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