Location Telfs a Member of the Climate Alliance Network

Companies of the HTI Group Set a Good Example

Durch die Mitgliedschaft im globalen Netzwerk des Klimabündnisses reihen sich die Unternehmen LEITNER, PRINOTH, DEMACLENKO und LEITWIND in eine Gruppe von über 100 Klimabündnis-Betrieben in Tirol und insgesamt 1.300 in ganz Österreich ein. Diese Partnerschaft ist ein deutlicher Ausdruck der umfassenden Nachhaltigkeitsphilosophie der HTI-Unternehmensgruppe.

"Think Globally, Act Locally"

The Climate Alliance is a global network that municipalities, businesses, and educational institutions can join to contribute to creating a climate-just world. Under the motto "think globally, act locally," the Climate Alliance Tyrol supports both local climate protection projects and partner organizations in South America. The common goals are the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

"Through collaboration with the Climate Alliance Tyrol, we have defined new sustainability goals that represent a significant step towards continuous development and implementation of sustainable measures. LEITNER, PRINOTH, DEMACLENKO, and LEITWIND jointly commit to responsible actions, responsible resource management, and social responsibility."

- Anton Seeber, President HTI Group

Before joining the Climate Alliance Tyrol, the companies had to undergo a comprehensive climate check. The current status quo was assessed in the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Waste
  • Procurement
  • Catering
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Communication

In collaboration with the experts from the Climate Alliance Tyrol, sustainability goals for the coming years were then defined to further strengthen the internal commitment to sustainable measures.

On September 6, the representatives of the companies in Telfs met with the Managing Director of the Climate Alliance Tyrol, Andrä Stigger, for the official presentation of the membership certificate.

Left to right in the photo: Andrä Stigger (Managing Director, Climate Alliance Tyrol), Lukas Emberger (Managing Director, Leitner GmbH), Klaus Mairoser (Site Manager, Demaclenko Zirl), Richard Arnold (Head of Spare Parts, Prinoth GmbH)

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