LEITNER revolutionizes the ropeway infrastructure in Eastern Europe

The nine innovative installations - in Slovenia, Bosnia, Poland and Bulgaria - will significantly improve the quality of transportation in the respective ski resorts and thus contribute to the upswing in tourism in the regions.

The highlights of our projects in Eastern Europe

© Grega Eržen

Velika Planina, Slovenia

The new 6-seater chairlift CD6 "Šimnovec" replaces an older double-seater and offers a transport capacity of 1,500 passengers per hour. With a length of 1.3 kilometers, it leads to the summit slope of Gradisce mountain and thus serves as a modern feeder lift to the high plateau with numerous winter sports options.

Krvavec, Slovenia

Here we built the new 6-seater chairlift CD6C "Zvoh", with heated seats and comfort cushioning, which offers a maximum capacity of 2,400 people per hour and modernizes the ski area in Gorenjska.

Kope, Slovenia

The Kope ski area in Koroška is being upgraded with two new 4-seater chairlifts - CF4 "Kopnik" and CF4 "Pahernik" - and the SL1 "Velika Kopa" surface lift to improve the slope experience for skiers of all levels.

Igrišta, Bosnia

A new detachable 6-seater chairlift from LEITNER brings state-of-the-art ropeway technology to the Igrišta kod Vlasenice ski resort. The resort was taken over by the company OC Jahorina in 2021 and is to be successively modernized over the next few years. With a maximum transport capacity of 3,000 people per hour, the CD6 "Igrišta" installation will provide an initial quality boost to the ski resort.

© Visit Pohorje

Mariborsko Pohorje, Slovenia

The new 4-seater chairlift CF4 "Ruška" offers a transport capacity of up to 2,000 people per hour in one of Slovenia's largest ski resorts with 35 kilometers of slopes and one of the longest night ski slopes in Europe.

Szcyrk, Poland

In addition to the SL2 "Jaworzyna" surface lift, which has already been completed, a detachable 6-seater chairlift will be installed in 2024 as part of several investments to further enhance the ski resort.

Pamporovo, Bulgaria

Equipped with LEITNER DirectDrive and 104 Premium EVO chairs, the CD6 "Malina" replaces an existing 3-seater chairlift and increases transport capacity to up to 3,000 passengers per hour.


These impressive projects demonstrate our commitment to the sustainable improvement of ski resorts in Eastern Europe and create a modern and efficient quality of transportation for all winter sports enthusiasts.

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