ConnX: The future of urban mobility from LEITNER

At LEITNER, we are constantly setting new standards in the field of mobility with our innovative solutions. Another milestone in our company's history is the development of ConnX, a hybrid mobility solution for urban spaces. Together with our Slovenian partner company Elaphe, we worked on bringing ConnX to market maturity. This milestone has been reached following successful testing - ConnX from LEITNER will be available in 2025.

At this year's OITAF (International Organisation for Transportation by Rope) conference in Vancouver in June, Günther Tschinkel, Head of Electrical Engineering at LEITNER, presented the visionary ConnX solution and wowed the audience with the pioneering possibilities of this technology.

But what exactly is ConnX?

ConnX is an integrated, multimodal mobility solution that aims to revolutionise urban transport. The combination of ropeway, electromobility and other innovative technologies create a flexible and sustainable alternative to conventional modes of transport.

ConnX stands for Connection or Connecting - the linking of existing mobility solutions and the realisation of a vision to offer interlinked sustainable solutions for urban areas with minimal intervention in existing structures. But also for creating a connection between people who rely on public transport and use it proactively.

"ConnX offers an answer to the urgent challenges of our cities. With this solution, we are creating a seamless connection between different modes of transport and making mobility more efficient, sustainable and accessible for everyone."

- Anton Seeber, Head of the Management Board Leitner & HTI Group

From prototype to market launch in 2025

The market launch in 2025 will mark the beginning of a new era in which urban mobility will become more sustainable, efficient and user-friendly. The hybrid component as well as the flexibility in terms of connectivity and integration into the existing cityscape form the framework for this. We are convinced that ConnX will help to make cities more attractive and, above all, in keeping with the spirit of the times.

Following the successful completion of extensive tests, this hybrid solution for urban areas will soon be available in cities that want to play a pioneering role in this area. The interaction between the ropeway and self-driving vehicles maximises flexibility and comfort.

Klaus Erharter, Head of R&D at LEITNER, comments: "It is particularly important to emphasise that our solution does not require passengers to change vehicles. The cabin of the ropeway is automatically placed directly on the self-driving vehicle and vice versa. With ConnX, we have completely rethought urban transport and are convinced that we can create added value on various levels."

The advantages of ConnX as an overview

  • Sustainability: Reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the integration of environmentally friendly technologies such as electromobility and renewable energies
  • Efficiency: Seamless connection of different modes of transport reduces transport times and improves accessibility within urban areas - among other things, up to 12 metres can be covered per second at a speed of 43 km/h. Passengers do not have to change transport cabins.
  • Flexibility: Adaptable solutions that can be customised to the individual needs and conditions of any city.
  • Comfort: State-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated design solutions ensure a comfortable and pleasant transport experience.
  • Safety: The highest safety standards and continuous monitoring ensure safe use of the infrastructure.
  • Cost efficiency: Low investment and reduced operating costs thanks to energy-efficient technologies and lower maintenance costs. 

A glimpse into the (near) future

With ConnX, we are setting a strong example for the future of urban mobility. Thanks to the collaboration with Elaphe and the support of state-of-the-art technology, ConnX is ideally equipped to fundamentally change the way we move around in cities.

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