Autonomous Gondola Lift Operation

Experience the future of gondola lift technology, with LEITNER’s innovative response to operators needs.

As pioneers in the field, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, offering our customers unprecedented opportunities for improved operation
and safety.

Seamless Integration
Upgrade your existing gondola lifts or equip your new installations with LeitPilot’s autonomous operation system. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to seamlessly integrate into any LEITNER station configuration, whether drive, return, top, bottom, or intermediate. Concentrate your resources and efforts on welcoming your customers, LeitPilot is here to revolutionize your operations.


Uncompromising Safety
At LEITNER, safety is our top priority. LeitPilot has state-of-the-art safety features, including video monitoring, LIDAR sensor, physical limiting doors and emergency stop switches. Rest assured, our system responds instantly to discrepancies, ensuring passengers and operators are always protected from potential hazards.

Precision Surveillance
LeitPilot guarantees that passengers remain safely within designated zones, eliminating any risk of collisions. Every area is monitored in real time, using advanced LIDAR technology to control the vehicle pit while surveillance cameras are installed for overseeing, boarding and deboarding areas and station surroundings.


Enhanced Comfort
Enjoy a smoother boarding and deboarding experience with LeitPilot’s improved cabin guides. Designed for stability and comfort, these features provide passengers and users with an upgraded level of accessibility for their journey.

Versatility Redefined
LeitPilot isn’t just a solution – it’s a gateway to endless possibilities. Whether operating a high capacity loading (HCL) station or implementing extended boarding configurations, LeitPilot adapts to your needs. With options like “Stop&Go”, Eco Drive, smart access control or optimized ticketing systems, managing your gondola lift has never been more accessible.

Elevate your standards and simplify your operations in complete safety with LeitPilot.

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